Training to empower adult people and strengthen climate actions – C1

Elche, 29th november – 3th december.

The first LTTA (Learning Training Acivity) of the “PROTECT YOURSELF project – cooperation mechanism for environmental protection” n. 2020-1-IT02-KA204-079033, which aims to help adults in the development of critical and analytical thinking about the environment and in providing them with the tools and good practices necessary to try to combat climate change, took place in Spain from November 30th until December 2nd 2021. This first training meeting brought together for three days, 10 adult educators from Spain, Italy, Romania and France, while partners from Hungary participated online, thus representing all partners within the project. First of all this training gave the partners a way to get to know each other and to start sharing what are the national realities on the subject but it also gave the opportunity to share the different points of view of each participant in relation to the project of actions to be implement to ensure that something can really be done for the environment.

One of the most interesting points was that of Inner Ecology, in fact, the awareness has taken hold, that in order to try to save the environment, the important thing is that each of us starts from within himself, from being calm and at peace with himself, because in this way he certainly has more chances of influencing any action he wants to take. But there has also been a discussion of fake news regarding the environment, capable of destabilizing many people since one is bombarded with news every day, in case we do not pay attention and we do not develop critical thinking, they could condition our thoughts and our choices. The project will now continue with a meeting, where the magazine of good practices will be presented, what will be the final result of this project. Stay tuned.

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