Training to empower adult people and strengthen climate actions – C3

The last training course foreseen by the project “Protect Yourself- cooperation mechanism to protect the environment” took place in Hungary from 3 to 7 May, with the participation of members of each partner included in the project.
This training, when we are now a few months after the end of the project, has served the partners to experience the latest workshops chosen as good examples to be transmitted to the educators of young people or adults, to be included in the magazine, one of the two results of this project.
All this took place in the municipal library of Eger, a wonderful Hungarian town, completely surrounded by greenery.
All the participants left their contributions, in an atmosphere of complete cooperation.
The next project meeting will be at the end of June, in Romania, to be precise in Oradea, where the two results will be finalized and presented, the magazine with the workshops developed and tested by each partner association, and a collection of good environmental practices. , present in the territories of the partners.

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