Stakeholders’ meeting and Validation workshopsof the “Protect Yourself” project in Hungary

In July of 2022, we started organizing the validation workshops for the “Protect Yourself” project.
During the stakeholders’ meeting (organized at 15h of July) we invite 10 educational
organization of our region, there were 32 participants from different field of education and adult learning.
During the validation workshops (organized between 16th and 18th of July) we managed to get 24 young adults, who had the opportunity to test the good practices of the project. We are very proud of managing the workshops and the event on face-to-face occasions.

Organizations, people to invite:

  • educational and adult education institutions and organizations at local and regional level
  • NGOs and foundations for education, training, social inclusion associations
  • local decision-makers, stakeholders, local government representatives
  • representatives of the labour centre
  • representatives of electronic and printed media at local and regional level

The methods used in the workshops served to provide the best possible information to
the group members. With the theoretical parts, they were given an appropriate
knowledge base, with which they were able to successfully solve the set tasks during
the practical sessions. The developed program structure resulted in the realization of
the set goals by the end of the training. The pre-built training structure did not need to
be changed during the training. During the evaluation and feedback, we also received
a positive image from the participants, who said that they received additional
information that will help them in their future work and activities, especially in finding
the best possible job opportunities. We were able to close a good atmosphere, active
and productive workshops, where a well-cooperating team was formed with the help
of the well-developed methods of the Protect Yourself project.

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