2nd TPM in Marseille,France.

The second meeting of the “Protect Yourself” project took place in Marseille on February 16, 2022, during which the results to be achieved were discussed, and each partner showed the work done locally so far, and how it intends to carry out the tests of the validation workshops always locally.

Training to empower adult people and strengthen climate actions – C1

Elche, 29th november – 3th december. The first LTTA (Learning Training Acivity) of the “PROTECT YOURSELF project – cooperation mechanism for environmental protection” n. 2020-1-IT02-KA204-079033, which aims to help adults in the development of critical and analytical thinking about the environment and in providing them with the tools and good practices necessary to try toContinue reading “Training to empower adult people and strengthen climate actions – C1”

COP26: World leaders arrive for “make-or-break” talks on climate change

COP26 is the United Nations conference on climate change of 2021. World leaders began arriving on Monday at the climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland critical to averting the most disastrous effects of climate change, their challenge made even more daunting by the failure of major industrial nations to agree ambitious new commitments. Leaders arriving onContinue reading “COP26: World leaders arrive for “make-or-break” talks on climate change”


We can’t solve climate change only on the individual level Introduction As climate change is threatening all people on earth, it is logical, that we should all try to do our personal best to fight it. But in debates on solutions this individual role is very often describes as a much bigger impact than itContinue reading “RESPONSOBILITY FOR CLIMATE CHANGE”


You probably have heard of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 set by the United Nations in 2015. Speaking at the Stockholm EAT Food Forum on 13 June 2016, scientists Johan Rockström and Pavan Sukhdev present a new way of viewing the SDGs and how they are all linked to food. Credit: AzoteContinue reading “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS”


This report summarizes the responses received from 100 adult educators from different European countries, as part of the “Protect yourself – cooperation mechanism for environmental protection” project. The GENERAL OBJECTIVE of the Project is to create a set of tools and resources to support adult education and in particular to contribute to the development andContinue reading “REPORT INITIAL QUESTIONNAIRE”


CLIMATE CHANGE MIGHT HAVE EVEN WORSE EFFECTS THAN WE THOUGHT A summary by Till Stoltenow The article I will summarize here, written by science writer Peter Brannen, takes us on a journey back to several climatic times of the earth. Understanding how our planet’s climate worked in past periods can help us to understand whatContinue reading “TAKING A LOOK AT THE HISTORY OF EARTH’S CLIMATE”