Petit Pas, (IT)
Petit Pas is an association aiming at the development of education, training, and entrepreneurship. Their goal is to enhance the level of knowledge and skills of their associates regardless of gender, social background, cultural or educational background.
Currently, the activities that significantly engage their staff and volunteers are: organization of workshops and training seminars to disadvantaged young people, disadvantaged adults, related to the themes of active citizenship, volunteering, tolerance, inclusion, mutual understanding, social entrepreneurship, sustainable growth, and cultural development;
Their network and expertise in communication will ensure successful development, complementing their current efforts.

ACD is already involved in counseling people. They have access to coaching materials and to a large pool of potential trainers with significant experience in the adults sectors. They conducted campaigns for increasing awareness in schools and universities on various subjects and this experience will be of much assistance during this project implementation for forming the target group. ACD LA HOYA is using the Excellence principles and will embed these in the project and into the adults counseling process which will be set-up during the project and which will continue after the project implementation.
Their participation in this project will complement the current actions providing improved methods and techniques for support climate action.

KREATEM EGYESULET (HU) has experience non-formal teaching activities (Workshops-Discussio groups) online collaborative education methodologies and web-based applications.

KREATEAM has experience cultural activities and has experts in Information and Communication Technology applied to Education. This project will complement the current activities by offering a favorable context for critical skill development.

Graphistes de l’Ombre (FR)
It is an open participatory network of training, communication and design professionals.
Their commitment to environmental issues will ensure that our project will complement their current efforts by offering the opportunity to implement a strategy of intervention to respond to adults needs in relation to acting in favor of the climate.

ACTA (RO)ACTA promotes the educational activities, professional and social skills development of young people and adults in order to be able to adapt and to integrate effectively in a dynamic society. Their organisation aims to contribute to the economic and civic growth of individuals.The people have benefited from career counseling, training for personal and professional development in accordance with the current requirements of the labour marke.

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