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In previous articles, we discussed the impact of the food industry on our planet and some ways to solve its problems. Today I want to present an idea for completely changing the system, in order to make it more sustainable. The idea of a circular food economy A circular economy for food mimics natural systemsContinue reading “A CIRCULAR FOOD ECONOMY”


Two months ago we shared with you an article regarding greenhouse gas emissions from the  food sector and figured that food waste is a huge problem, being responsible for around 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This month we want to share with you an easy way to fight food waste on a personal level:Continue reading “FIGHTING FOOD WASTE”


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Protect Yourself

The Erasmus “Protect Yourself” project aims to create a series of tools and resources to support adult education and to contribute to the development and expansion of their professional and educational know-how in the circular economy.

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