Report on educators needs

This report summarizes the starting training needs of 100 educators to support adults.

It collects responses received from 100 adult educators from different European countries, as part of the “Protect yourself – cooperation mechanism for environmental protection” project.

The GENERAL OBJECTIVE of the Project is to create a set of tools and resources to support adult education and in particular to contribute to the development and expansion of professional and educational know-how of educators in the circular economy.

This general objective has allowed us to:

• increase the involvement of adults from partner countries in knowing how to identify, analyze and evaluate the actions to be taken in favor of the climate;

• improve the level of key competences of adult educators in formal and non-formal education to contribute adequately to the development of critical skills of adults;

• Strengthen the capacity of adult organizations to help adults act in favor of the climate and to combat climate change.

This contribution has given us great help in identifying the starting point on the environmental situation in relation to adult education and has allowed us to identify the tools and strategies that adult educators and organizations working with are needed. the adults.

Following our analysis, we understood how to set up our 3 project results, adapting them to the needs of our target group.

The Results created are:

– Collection of improved methods and techniques for support climate action,

– Good practice guide for adult organizations, validated by the target groups,

– Cooperation mechanism developed for sharing and debate on best practices for an act in favor of the climate and fight against climate change.

See the PDF document below for more information.

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